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2018 College Football Playoff National Championship

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Buy an RSVP to see Oklahoma play in the 2018 College Football Playoff National Championship for only the additional price of face-value (Approximately $575).
Buying an RSVP gets you the right to purchase a guaranteed face-value ticket if your team makes it.

RSVP to see the Sooners play in the National Championship today!

* Multiple options are available for the same "Lower Level" or "Upper Level" Tier. Regardless of the price, all "Upper Level" or "Lower Level" are for the same "Upper" or "Lower" class of seating, respectively.
Customers who have already purchased an RSVP are allowed to relist the RSVP for sale at any price of their choosing. For any tier, i.e., "Lower Level", all RSVP's for a given team and game are the same.
When inventory at the current default prices runs out, the only way to purchase an RSVP will be to purchase those higher priced listings.

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